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Cooperative Effort

The Ubuntu Women’s Sewing Cooperative started in Boneza, Rwanda, in the fall of 2017. All new to the sewing skill, these women gather to learn, grow, and share community. Many women in this group were living on $1 a day, but now they find success in selling their beautiful handmade products. All of their products are made from local, traditional Rwandan fabric. We are giving voice to the Ubuntu women’s co-op and we support them through gifts given to assist in the purchase of fabrics, additional sewing machines, continued instruction and more. If you would like to make a gift to Ubuntu - please click the donate button below.

This local opportunity is changing lives and providing hope to over 30 families in Rwanda.

The name “Ubuntu” comes from the Kinya-Rwandan word for “Grace.”

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Have a Cow

Boneza, Rwanda

Cows are greatly impactful to poor families in Boneza, Rwanda. Cows provide essential nutrients from their milk to the impoverished children, manure for the family gardens, and a source of wealth for a poor family in Boneza. Once a calf is born, a local neighbor can receive a cow, and the cycle continues.

Understanding this impact, Virginia Dale Community Church has donated many cows to the Boneza community since 2013. In total, 150 cows have been paid for, providing a massive, positive impact on the lives on the locals.

The cost for one cow and a cow shed in Boneza is $500…You can Buy a WHole Cow -

or Give ANY portion Toward Buying a cow - By Clicking the button below.

Buy a Cow